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Fullhan launches FH8536 High performance 1080P ISP for CCTV


FH8536 is an ISP for CIS ( CMOS Image Sensor ) and targeted on CCTV camera with internal HDcctv Tx. FH8536 supports 1M/1.3M/2M Pixel CIS 10bits BAYER input. It also support 10bit RGBA Bayer data input. Its analog video outputs support standard CVBS/960H/ 1280H, and 720P60/50/30/25 & 1080P30/25 HDcctv standard. FH8536 supports 2D De-noise, OSD, Coaxial control and it also has special engine to improve the HDcctv signal transmission quality with long distance. FH8536 supports different CMOS Sensors via configuring the EEPROM or Flash to suitable for all kind of HDcctv camera’s application.

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