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Fullhan launches FH8536E: High Performance 1080P ISP for CCTV


FH8536E is a Low-Power High Performance ISP for CIS ( CMOS Image Sensor ) and targeted on CCTV camera with internal HDcctv Tx. It’s package compatible with FH8536. FH8536E supports 1M/1.3M/2.0M Pixel CIS 10bits BAYER input. Its analog video outputs support standard CVBS/960H/ 1280H, 720P60/50/30/25 & 1080P25/30 HDcctv standard. FH8536E supports 2D De-noise, OSD, Coaxial control and it also has special engine to improve the HDcctv signal transmission quality with long distance. FH8536E has a big embedded RAM for various customized functions. It’s suitable for all kinds of 1080P HDcctv camera application.

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